Family Docs Speak: For the Love of Family Medicine

What do you love about being a family physician?

Some pursue medicine because of the money. Others join a medical profession due to family pressures. And then there are those individuals who become doctors for the pure joy of caring for others. These individuals found their calling in medicine and family physicians make up a majority of them.

Family medicine is a profession designed for compassionate individuals. These men and women go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to a patient’s health and well-being. Some family doctors love the fact that every day is a mystery and you never know what’s behind the door. Some love interacting with their patients and knowing that in some way, they made a difference in their lives – physically, mentally or spiritually. And some love that family medicine is an evolving profession where you learn something new with every patient visit.

In our final installment of Family Docs Speak, you’ll hear the many reasons why these doctors love being family physicians.

Join In: Tell us what you love about being a family physician in the comments section below.



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