Family Physicians “Fill-in-the-Blank” at Annual Assembly [VIDEO]

The 2014 AAFP Assembly may have come and gone (see highlights here), but the moments that inspire family physicians to continue practicing family medicine will last a lifetime.

At this year’s Assembly in Washington, D.C., we spoke with dozens of family physicians who shared with us some of the most inspirational aspects of practicing family medicine.

We asked family doctors from around the world to complete the following statements:

  • The best part about being a family physician is…
  • I was inspired to practice family medicine by…
  • Given the option, I would choose family medicine all over again because…

Watch the video below to see your peers’ inspiring responses:


Check out our other videos from the AAFP Assembly:

Part 2: The Best Part about Practicing Family Medicine

Part 3: What Inspired You to Practice Family Medicine

To view past AAFP Assembly videos, visit our YouTube channel.

The family medicine specialty may be changing, but the ability for a family physician to treat the human body as a whole at any stage and at any age in life is something that will remain the highlight of this medical profession.

You’re the one that your patients depend on when they need care the most. We hope that at this year’s Assembly you were able to rejuvenate your love of family medicine and inspire others to take on this specialty because family medicine continues to be the most vital medical profession for America’s health.





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