Insurance You Can’t Afford to Overlook: A Closer Look at Employer Group Disability Insurance

For some family physicians, running their own medical practice is a dream come true.Whether you run your own practice or have a group of partners, it’s important to realize that you need financial protection against the unexpected. This means having the right insurance coverage that protects you, your staff and your practice. Here’s a closer look at employer group disability insurance.

As a business owner, not only do you want to retain your current staff members, you also want to ensure that your practice is attracting the best talent. Employee benefit programs are one of the best ways to recruit and retain staff members. In addition to offering life, medical and dental insurance coverages, employees are also looking for their employers to offer disability income insurance as well. Accidents or illness can happen to anyone in the workplace, or in this case, the doctor’s office. Family physicians, medical assistants and receptionists are all vulnerable to the threat of disability. And if one of your staff members becomes seriously ill or injured, you’ll want to provide them with the resources needed for a speedy recovery.

Some of your employees may live paycheck to paycheck and do not have their own individual disability income insurance coverage. They want to know that their employer has their best interests in mind. That’s why more and more employer groups recognize the value in providing disability insurance coverage to their employees.

Staff members who have trouble making ends meet often fear that a disability or sickness could put them in financial jeopardy. Employer group disability insurance will give your employees peace of mind, allowing them to pay their medical bills, mortgage and other household expenses. This coverage will help supplement individual disability insurance coverage or fill the gaps left by state and federal disability income assistance programs. Disability insurance can also help employers manage time lost to disability and help return their workers back to productivity.

Employers have the option of offering short-term disability coverage or long-term disability coverage. Make sure whichever policy you decide to offer it is clearly stated and defined in your Employee Handbook as some of the language can be confusing to a new employee. Also include a clear definition of “disabled” and “income” as some contracts will have different interpretations of these terms.

If you want to protect your employees well-being and provide them with the financial security they deserve, consider Employer Group Disability Insurance offered through the AAFP Insurance Program. We help protect family physicians, professionals and non-professional staff members in your practice with a broad set of disability income benefits designed exclusively for each person’s specialty or sub-specialty.

Your practice depends on the health of your employees. Don’t let a disability or illness prevent your practice from providing important medical care to your patients.


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