Welcome to the New AAFPINS Website

The AAFP Insurance Program is committed to offering insurance products that best fit the personal and professional needs of family physicians from residency to retirement. To meet the on-the-go demands of AAFP members, we’ve redesigned our website, making it easier to find what you want, get a quote and purchase the coverage you need.

Enhanced design and layout

Throughout our new website, you will find a brighter, cleaner and more contemporary layout for easier reading and browsing. We’ve also made navigation throughout the site more user-friendly, so no matter what device you use, you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for. Not sure what insurance you need? Click on our Get Started section to see the products we recommend for your current career stage. Or if you know what you want, go straight to our Products section. By reorganizing our site, we’ve put the information you need front-and-center so that you can make informed decisions about your financial health.

Updated premium calculator

We’ve also streamlined the process of calculating your premium, making it faster and more efficient for you to get a quote across a variety of products from term life insurance to practice overhead insurance. You can now get quotes for multiple products all in one place. Simply fill in your information, select the products you’re interested in, choose your monthly benefits and other options you want.

More relevant content

We’ve also made it easier to find articles, infographics and videos that are related to your career stage or the products you’re interested in. For example, if you’re on our disability income insurance product page, you’ll see that our “Related Articles” sidebar offers articles with information about the steps you can take to protect your finances and why it’s so important to purchase long-term disability income insurance. The goal is to make the content relevant and engaging — no matter what your needs or what stage you are in your career.

In addition, we are creating more visual forms of content, with an emphasis on infographics and videos. We’ve found that this form of content is favorable among our readers and is a great way to showcase important information about your financial health.

With our site’s new responsive design, reorganized product pages, and new-and-improved premium calculator family physicians will find tools to help with important decisions about their financial health.


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